Subscriptions & Usage Fees

Choose the subscription program you wish. Subscribers are entitled to limitless free rides, as long as they don’t exceed a half hour period every time.


One year €29
One month €3
One day €1


Duration Charge (€)
0' - 30' 0,00(€)
31' - 60' 0,50(€)
61' - 90' 1,50(€)
Each hour over 90' 4,00(€)
Maximum daily charge  20,00(€)

In order for someone to use our system, he must buy a subscription, in other words he must be a subscriber.
A user that has bought even an annual subscription can use the bicycle as many times as he wants, even during the same day.
If every period of usage doesn't exceed 30', he won't be charged whatsoever.
For example, a user "rents" a bike and has it at his possession for 45 '. He will be charged €0.50 (minimun charge), because he exceeded the time that he could have the bicycle at his possession. The charge is for keeping the bicycle over 30'. In addition, charging this "overtime" is for the greater good because more people will be serviced.
For us to be able to charge the routes:

  • the user must have a credit card or debit card, or
  • the user must have purchased "time"(€1 is reccomended and he can refill his "wallet" for as much as the user wants). Before the amount of his "time" is over the user gets notified. When his "time" is over, the user can't use the System untill he refills his "wallet".
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